Going to Azerbaijan used to be a pain (for Americans, at least). There weren’t many flights available, the visa process is tedious and it required an LOI aka. Letter of Invitation, even if you show up at the embassy.

Great news, intrepid travelers! The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has recently opened up the country by making E-visa available for passport holders for 81 countries. Brownie points! A great list of lucky countries is eligible for visa on arrival and even visa-free entry! A series of low-cost airlines have begun flying into Baku for a few years now, for example, WizzAir, S7, AirBaltic, flyDubai etc. You can get there for as low as €50‎.

Step-by-step Guide to Your Azerbaijan E-visa for $23

  1. Go to the Official Republic Of Azerbaijan Electronic Visa Portal. If you’re searching their website through Google, make sure to select the one end with .gov.az. The other websites are tour agencies and required you to order their service for additional minimal of $30 before you can proceed.
  2. Check this link to make sure your passport country is on the list.
  3. Pretty self-explanatory from here. Type in the information. The verification code is case-sensitive in case you’re lazy like me. Click “Continue”.
  4. Select your arrival date. The system will automatically calculate 30 days from the date you enter (Could be 15 days only depending your passport country eligibility). Check the box to promise you don’t have any infectious diseases and have no plan to kill off the entire country of Azerbaijan. Click “Continue”.

  5. Accept your terms and condition on the pop-up.

  6. Enter your passport and personal information. Now you’re in the data entry process, just tell them what they ask. Attach a readable copy of your passport photo page. I used this app to make scanning easy.
    • Make sure you select “NO” when asked,Have you ever visited the Nagorno-Karabakh and other regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan occupied by the Republic of Armenia since 1991 without an official permission of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. (Although I’m sure the Azerbaijani government would prefer you choose, “ABSOLUTELY FU*KING NOT!!!!) Do you know why?

  7. Confirm your submission. Once you submitted your application. The system will ask you to verify your email address. Go to your mailbox and click “Confirm”.
  8. PAYMENT. It will then prompt you to a payment page. No money, no go. You know the drill, industry standards.

  9. Wait patiently for 3 days. Make good use of the time to plan your trip to Azerbaijan. You can also check out my Azerbaijan itinerary to see if it’s to your liking.
  10. Voila! Your visa will most likely be approved and send directly to your email to download! (If you and the Azeri government have no beef.)
  11. Book your ticket and go! You can use your e-visa in any border entry!